About me

I’m currently Data Editor at ALM Media, a global news organization focused on the legal industry and regulated markets. ALM is the publisher of, The Recorder, and The American Lawyer, among other outlets. At work, I’m focused on finding ways to mine and analyze data to produce more insightful journalism.

I’ve been a reporter for the bulk of my career, covering social and political issues in South Korea, international trade negotiations, and major legal battles in Silicon Valley. At ALM, I started a podcast called “Unprecedented” focused on technology and the law, and still do episodes for a newer podcast called “Legal Speak.”

More recently, I’ve dived headlong into data science, computer programming, and Python — a language I’ve loved learning and happily get to use more in my new role. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and volunteer with SF Python. I’m also a Linux and free software enthusiast.

Aside from work and code, I enjoy keeping up my Korean, hiking, and attempting to stand up on waves.

About the handle

You’ll find me on GitHub, Stack Overflow, and other corners of the internet posting as elwha1. The Elwha River originates in Washington state, where I grew up, and flows through the Olympic Mountains. The river has been revitalized in recent years by a massive dam removal project — which I think is pretty cool.