IMG_3337About the Author

Ben Hancock is an American writer and journalist. Over the better part of the last decade, he has reported from cities around the world on nuanced political, economic and legal issues. He is currently a staff reporter for The Recorder in San Francisco, where he primarily covers legal battles affecting Northern California tech companies.

A native of the Seattle area, Ben has also lived and worked in Wisconsin, South Korea, and Washington D.C. From 2008-2010 he was a staff copy editor in Seoul for Yonhap News Agency, an independent national news wire, and moonlighted as a stringer for The Christian Science Monitor, The Associated Press, The Diplomat, and other news outlets. Ben speaks Korean fluently, a skill he began developing in high school (and continues to try and maintain while Stateside).

From 2011-2016, Ben was a reporter and later managing editor at Inside U.S. Trade in Washington, where he covered major U.S. trade policy initiatives like the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the U.S.-EU trade negotiations. He also wrote in depth on trade issues affecting the auto industry, agricultural subsidies, chemicals and pesticide regulation, and the politics of trade on Capitol Hill. In covering the beat, he had the opportunity to travel widely, from Luxembourg to Hanoi to New Mexico.

Ben has also blogged about travel, globalization and a variety of other topics since 2007. He started with The Daily Transit and later posted to Road Notes while roaming through China and Southeast Asia, and has run a couple different incarnations of Across the River. He also wrote for pop culture travel blog “Jaunted” (now Conde Nast’s Travel Intel), and his work has also been featured by prominent travel blogger Pam Mandel (aka “Nerd’s Eye View“).

Ben lives with his family in the East Bay. He can be followed on Twitter @benghancock and reached via email at bghancock [at] gmail [dot] com. You can find his CV over at LinkedIn. His portfolio is below.

About “Across the River”

This blog has had many iterations. It started in 2007 with rambles on far-ranging subjects at The Daily Transit; morphed into a travelogue in 2010 called Road Notes (when on the road in China and Southeast Asia); became the Korea-focused Across the River; and then shifted back to a more all-encompassing version of Road Notes. It was reconstituted (again) under the name “Across the River” to reflect the underpinning themes of everything written here: traveling into the unfamiliar,  our changing relationship with the natural world, and the interconnection of the global economy. The title was originally inspired by Ben’s daily commute when he lived in Seoul from 2008-2010 — each day crossing over or under the Han River.


Below is a sampling of Ben’s published journalism. The two stories filed from Korea were written for a general readership. Stories from Inside U.S. Trade, however, were written for a professional audience steeped in trade policy matters: